Top ten tips for getting fit at home

Top ten tips for getting fit at home

The eternal question that everyone and their grandmother want the answer to: “How can I get fit fast?” And the usual follow up question: “Can I do it at home, or do I actually have to go out?”

Well, Fitness Advisors is very pleased to answer the first question with “read on below” and the second with, “yes (apart from one) and you don’t need equipment either”. We can answer those two questions so comprehensively because you’re a little bit awesome, and we like you.

Everybody wants to be fitter don’t they, and gym memberships aren’t for everybody. The home workout regimen is perfect for sweating it out in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

If you are just starting on your personal little 'journey' to get fit, then your stamina isn't likely to be on top form – it takes time, and that's OK. Here are our top ten ways to get at home, without you wanting to crawl into a hole in the ground.


  • 1 Stick to the rule of 10


Whatever exercise gets your eye twinkling, just do 10 each day. For example, aim for just 10 sit-ups each day – even if you cannot manage them all together – something is a hell of a lot better than nothing, and by the end of the week we bet you can do 10 all in one sitting… so to speak.


  • 2 Get up and stand at least once an hour


We all should all know by now that sitting on our behinds all day, or for hours at a time, is not good for us. If you are working from home, for instance, being hunched over a keyboard for long stretches is doing your back no favours and it will not thank you for it. Make a deliberate effort to get up and do something, at least during 'working hours', to get up and do something – set a timer on your phone, there are tons of free apps that let you set an alarm to sound at intervals of your choice.


  • 3 Go for a walk each day


Light, mild, easy and uber-healthy. Go to the shop, walk around a park… anything, it doesn't matter. Just go for a walk, absolutely anywhere for just 20 minutes a day. You'll feel much better in yourself for it and you'll even begin to wonder what all the fuss was about. You don't have to go out either – walk around the house, up downstairs; so long as you get your pins pumping.


  • 4 Do not leave the house


We thought you would like that one. Apart from your daily walk, there is no need to leave your home to get a sweat on. There are tons of cardio and bodyweight exercises that you can at home without leaving the front door. Sit-ups, push-ups, lunges, star jumps… A mix of anything really, just do them in manageable 10s



  • 5 Tabata


No, we haven’t forgotten your name. Tabata (short periods of intense workouts) is perfect if you want results faster or you do not have much time in your day. You can download Tabata timers to your phone for free. The exercises can be pretty much anything, so long as one is nice and relaxed and the other is borderline punishing. For instance- 20 seconds of running then 10 seconds of running, rinse and repeat as much as you can. Keeping this up, every day, is going to burn the fat and get you fit. Fast.


  • 6 Take a deserved breather


It isn't all about exercise you know, have a day off. Our daily lives are already pretty stressful and your workouts shouldn't be adding to that. When you start to dread exercising, you have already lost the battle – it is supposed to be enjoyable (stop laughing, you'll see). Power down your devices for a day too, unless you need them for work. Obviously. Thank us later -because your body will be thanking you for the break.


  • 7 Don’t stress about the length of your workouts


Quality will always beat quantity, remember that. This is especially true if you are currently out of shape – push yourself too hard and you will hurt yourself and also ending up hating working out. Any exercise is good exercise. Stick to the rule of 10, even if you have to break it up over the morning or afternoon in 2 or 3 sittings, and you will be just fine.


  • 8 Run for one song


Songs usually last a couple of minutes so if you can manage a jog for that you're doing great. It may not sound like much, but it's a couple of minutes of running today that you didn't do yesterday. Make it your favourite song and you won't even notice the couple of minutes of sweat. Probably.


  • 9 Get some quality bedtime behind you


Let's be honest, some forms of exercise are better than others and sex burns more calories than you might think. It's so good for exercise that it can burn as much as 100 calories in one sitting, which is roughly a 20-minute jog. And if we are being completely candid, which one would you rather have?


  • 10 work up a sweat when the ads are on


Unless you are watching Netflix or Prime Video, you are going to hit with adverts at some point. You could put those couple of minutes to great use. If you normally go to the loo or make a brew when there’s an ad break on, why not lunge there and back instead? You should probably not grab a biscuit though, if you want all your hard work to mean something.

Hopefully our little top ten has shown you that exercise doesn’t have to be boring or even that difficult, approached the right way.